Alison Henning yoga


This is the website of me – Alison Henning – I’m a British Wheel of Yoga registered, London-based yoga teacher.  I practice yoga because it gives me space to breathe.

Here’s a list of some qualities I use to describe myself.  You may share some of these and you can probably add more.

calm, tired, stressed, happy, melancholy, satisfied, searching, bored, fulfilled, thoughtless, thoughtful, flexible, stiff, joyful, rational, irrational, afraid, brave, limber, sore, sloppy, control-freak, perfectionist, full-of-beans, lethargic, needy, compassionate, cold-hearted, warm-hearted, bright, challenged, slow, quizzical, accepting, altered, clear, precise, lazy, dispassionate, committed, …

Yoga practice can give you a break from defining yourself.  Practice yoga, lose the descriptions,  just be.

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